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News and Reviews

-Broadway World

-New York Times

-KARK, Arkansas

"Talia Suskauer holds her own, invents her own, and becomes her own Elphaba. Phenomenal sound and vocal capability is one thing, but Suskauer brings a deeper level of emotional understanding and conveyance to the performance; she really invites the audience to travel a mile— or at least a few hours— in Elphaba’s green skin. Suskauer is earnest and raw with her passion and her feelings; it’s exquisite. When she’s belting out “Defying Gravity” you feel not just for her but with her; it’s an experience like no other"

                                                                   - TheatreBloom

“Talia Suskauer as Elphaba is simply outstanding. Who among us haven’t felt they were the underdog at some point? We can certainly relate to Elphaba to a degree, and Ms. Suskauer’s  acting skills draw empathy from the audience."

                         - MD Theatre Guide

“Elphaba may have a magical broom but she's also got a powerful set of pipes, nearly shaking the rafters as Suskauer belts out songs like "Defying Gravity" and "No Good Deed," each ending with a powerful, how-long-can-she-sustain-that-note vocal crescendo.”

                    - Broadway World

“Talia Suskauer shines as Elphaba, with beautiful diction and a rich voice that resonates with relatable insecurity and determination.  Suskauer captures Elphaba's conflicting emotions and increasing power with an uncertain confidence that hits a recognizable note. Bailey and Suskauer create believable chemistry, there’s a feeling of kindred-soul like connection between the two even when they bicker that’s surprisingly evocative.”

                                         - KDHX, St. Louis

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